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Two Sites Leak Supposed Nintendo Switch Price

Could the Switch Release for $249.99?

Two Sites Leak Supposed Nintendo Switch Price

Leaks are always up to no good before a major announcement in the game industry. Every now and then though, something pops up that’s just a little to coincidental to ignore. A UK gaming retailer, Game Seek, may have recently leaked a post for the upcoming Nintendo Switch, as well as a Canadian branch of Toys R Us. Both of these sites are estimating the price at around the same number.

Now, according to the Game Seek post, the Nintendo Switch will be releasing at  £198.50, with the site offering pre-orders as they were available. That price equates to about $244.06 USD, which if retail trends are to be considered that would make the Switch $249.99 with tax of course. Curiously, Game Seek backed up their pre-orders with a price guarantee, saying that if the price were to be higher upon release customers would pay the cheaper price they initially pre-ordered. Game Seek also claims that the product will ship to arrive on March 17th, which fits the mid-March window many have been expecting.

Nintendo Switch Price Leak

To further the leak’s credibility, the Canadian branch of Toys R Us supposedly put up a page pricing the Switch at $329.99 CAD, which is about $245 USD. That page has since been taken down.

Strange that both sites are putting Nintendo’s next console at similar prices at similar times.

Now, this fits the bill for a lot estimates I’ve made in the past. Selling the Switch at $249.99 USD would be a killer move by Nintendo. This puts their unique console cheaper than both the PS4 and the Xbox One. A price like this is also a fairly small barrier to entry for a lot of players, which means that software will likely be a must for Nintendo to make profit. That idea alone debunks the rumors of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being delayed. If the Nintendo Switch launches at that price, alongside a killer set of launch titles like Zelda and more, we could be seeing one of the most prominent launches in gaming history.

That is, if the Nintendo Switch ends up fulfilling all the hopes and dreams built up by the announcement trailer.

A huge thanks to Shack News for reporting on this, which is where we initially found the supposed leaks.

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