Dark Horse Partners with Mystery Science Theater 3000

Dark Horse Partners with Mystery Science Theater 3000

Earlier today, comic book publisher Dark House Comics announced a partnership with Mystery Science Theater 3000, which will result in a number of new products based on the series.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 takes place on the Satellite of Love, following a human host and his two robot sidekicks, as they are forced to watch some of the worst (best?) B-movies ever made. The trio watch these films, and throughout, offer a running commentary on the films, mocking their flaws with creative wisecracks.

Cocreator Joel Hodgson started a Kickstarter campaign for a MST3K revival, to show that there was still an audience for the show. The campaign managed to raise a combined total of $6,364,229, allotted for new episodes and other licensed merchandise, and Dark Horse was one of the licensees to sign on. The show is set to return on Netflix, this year.

The partnership is expected to lead to a variety of Dark Horse-designed products, with more details available at a later date. Additionally, there does appear to be plans for a brand-new comic series based on the show.

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