Deemo: The Last Recital Heads to Vita this Spring

Deemo: The Last Recital Heads to Vita this Spring

In a recent announcement, PM Studios and Acttil announced plans to bring the musical game, Deemo: The Last Recital, to the PlayStation Vita, in spring of this year.

Originally released on iOS and Android, Deemo: The Last Recital follows a mystical creature named Deemo, which lives alone deep within a mysterious castle. A young girl one day plummets from the sky, and with no idea who she is or where she is from, Deemo embarks on a journey to help the girl return to her world. Along the way, the pair discover a strange tree attached to a piano, which grows taller with each note it hears.

Gamers can look for Deemo: The Last Recital to be available on the PlayStation Vita, digitally only via the PlayStation Network, in both North America and Europe, this spring. The title will feature over one hundred songs from various composers and genres, beautifully hand-drawn artwork, and three difficulty modes to choose from, Easy to Hard, to give players a challenge as they delve into Deemo and the young girl’s journey of discovery. An exact date for the game’s release, will be revealed at a later date.

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