Funimation Acquires Live-Action Black Butler Movie

Funimation Acquires Live-Action Black Butler Movie

Fans of demon butlers got some good news today, as Funimation Entertainment announced that it has acquired the 2014 live-action movie adaptation of Black Butler, due out in North America later this year.

The Black Butler live-action movie takes a different route from the manga and anime, but it still follows the demon butler Sebastian, played by Hiro Mizushima, who this time around serves Earl Kiyoharu Genpo. Together, the pair work to solve a mummy mystery, as well as a mystery tied to Kiyoharu, and there is a possibility that the two may be linked.

Funimation will be releasing Black Butler -The Movie- on Blu-ray and DVD, beginning May 2, 2017. The film will include Japanese and English audio options, as well as English subtitles. The English voice cast can be found below, and includes many familiar voices for fans of the anime.

Sebastian – J. Michael Tatum (Sebastian in the original Black Butler)

Kiyoharu Genpo – Brina Palencia (Ciel Phantomhive in the original Black Butler)

Hanae Wakatsuki – Lydia MacKay (Madam Red in the original Black Butler)

Rin – Monica Rial (Mey-Rin in the original Black Butler)

Narrator – Ian Sinclair (Bardroy in the original Black Butler)

Akashi – Christopher R. Sabat

Anthony – Anthony Bowling

Aoki – Newton Pittman

Kujo – Kent Williams

Matsumiya – Zach Bolton

Nekoma – Cris George

Charles Bennett Sato – Alex Organ

Tokizawa – Robert McCollum

The anime is currently published in North America by Funimation Entertainment. Yana Toboso’s manga is also available stateside, from Yen Press.

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