Games with Gold For March 2017 Announced

Games with Gold For March 2017 Announced

Every once in a while you need to get away from the garbage life throws at you. During those moments, it is best to stay calm and do something you love in order to take your mind off of those troublesome worries. Like last year, Microsoft will be given away a Borderlands game to Xbox Life Gold members through the Games with Gold program.

If you are looking for interesting games to throw yourselves into this March then you are in luck, because the four games with gold titles that Microsoft has chosen for the month of March will keep you entertained. For the month of March, Xbox Live gold members can download  Evolve Ultimate Edition, Layers of Fear, Borderlands 2, and Heavy Weapon.

Starting on March 1st, adrenaline junkies and fear enthusiast alike can enter the mind of a disturbed painter who is being haunted by his creations in Layers of Fear.  Be prepared to sleep with your lights on for the next two weeks after you play Layers of Fear. Layers of Fear will be free until April 1st. Layers of Fear may give Resident Evil 7 a run for its money as the most player horror game on Xbox One for the month of March.

On March 16th, Xbox Live Gold members can download Evolve Ultimate Edition for Xbox One and either work down together to hunt down the big bad monster or kill the hopes and dreams of the four hunters while preventing yourself from becoming a hunter’s trophy. Evolve Ultimate Edition will be free until April 15th and will include all the DLC that has come out for the game since.  When Evolve first came out, the idea seemed like an interesting experiment but the games multiplayer community quickly died off. Evolves quick extinction might be the reason why Fable Legends was ultimately scrapped.

Even though Heavy Weapon and Borderlands 2 may be  Xbox 360 Games, these two titles will be available on the Xbox One through the Games with Gold backwards compatibility program. Borderlands 2 will become free to Gold members starting on March 1st and will be free until March 16th. Shoot psychotic badasses with a plethora of weapons in order to save pandora. Although Borderlands 2 may be free for the first half of March, the DLC will not be.  The Borderlands franchise has always been known for its excellent narrative with Borderlands 2 often being considered the best game within the franchise.

Starting on March 16th, Gold members can download Heavy Weapon and shoot their way through the side-scrolling levels. What enemy do you think will hold you up and what levels do you feel you will clear with ease. Heavy Weapon will be free until March 31st. Heavy Weapon brings back the old retro feeling of old 80’s and 90’s arcade games.

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