Kombat Cup Season 2 Announced

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Kombat Cup Season 2 Announced

Last year Stream.Me hosted a tournament for one of the most prolific fighting games out there, Mortal Kombat. This year, the tournament is back, and will give fans and players the chance to compete with Mortal Kombat XL. It will be streamed in its entirety on stream.me live. This year, the fight is on for over $12,000 in prizes and it has attracted some top pro kombatants.

Returning after the victory from last year, SonicFox will be returning to reclaim the crown. However, you have a chance to take SonicFox and other pro’s down. That’s right. Free open registration will be starting on February 5th, with the event starting the following week on February 12th. Kombatants will be fighting weekly for league points, as well as kold hard cash. The prize pool is as follows:

Season Finale Prizes
  • First Place – $1,500
  • Second Place – $1,000
  • Third Place – $700
  • Fourth Place – $400
  • Fifth Place Tie – $100 per player
Weekly Prizes – Kombat Cup
  • First Place – $200 and 150 league points
  • Second Place – $100 and 125 league points
  • Third and Fourth Place – $50 and 75 league points
  • Fifth through Eighth Place – 50 league points
  • Ninth through Sixteenth Place – 25 league points
Weekly Prizes – Konquest
  • First Place – 25 league points
  • Second Place – 20 league points
  • Third and Fourth Place – 15 league points
  • Fifth through Eighth Place – 10 league points

If you have the skills to take the pros down, sign up, and fight for the top. It won’t be before too long for you to sign up. If you do not wish to sign up, that is fine, you can still watch all fights using stream.me. Stream.me is a platform that allows viewers to watch multiple streams in real time simultaneously. Go forth and get that Flawless Victory money.

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