Lucid Sound LS40 PAX South Hands-On Preview

Lucid Sound LS40 Headset PAX South

With PAX South being in full swing at the time, one of my many appointments was with the Lucid Sound team. Some of you reading may know that in the past we have done a review of the Lucid Sound LS30 Wireless Headset. When I saw that they were introducing the LS40 as a flagship product, I knew I wanted to stop by and have a listen.

For those of you that don’t know of Lucid Sound, the company was founded by the creators of the Tritton brand. From those times, the team brought the years of audio expertise to reignite the gaming space as well as everyday use. While at PAX South 2017, the LS40 was running on a Playstation 4 with Battlefield One playing and it did a great job of showing off the versatility of the headset. It was easy to tell which direction ambient noise was coming from which kept me on my toes and kept from dying a couple of times. The multiple surround sound settings, especially gaming surround, made everything feel close and where it should be when I moved around the map. Gunfire definitely stands out on the LS40. The pop each bullet makes is so satisfying and made me want to take this home to wear while I play any game with a gun. The sounds the shovel made from a melee kill with the blade getting stuck in an enemy’s neck to the head-on clunk it would make with a strike to the helmet was extremely satisfying. The music and voices during cut scenes was crisp and clear with nothing being muddled or drowned out which is a nice change from some wireless headsets I have used in the past. The stereo setting for music and cut scenes would probably work better but I didn’t even think to switch to that mode because I was so zoned in.

The headset was comfortable with and without a hat on and I do struggle with getting a cozy fit because my head is on the bigger side. This model is wireless and works on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC/Mac, and one mobile devices. The built-in rechargeable battery has a 15 hour battery life and can be listened to in passive mode when powered off.
The control scheme of the LS30 is carried over with the left ear panel being rotated to control game volume with the panel being pressed into mute game volume or answer a phone call. The right ear panel can be rotated to control chat volume and pressed to mute the microphone in game or during a call. There are dual microphones so that the boom can be detached on the go and the LS40 can still be used for calls.

Overall, this is a headset I can’t wait to get my hands on for a full review. If it is anything like the LS30, it will be something that stays in my lineup for years to come. Keep on the lookout and we will have a review up as soon as possible. It is available for purchase now for $199.99 on the Lucid Sound website or at Gamestop, Amazon, and Newegg.

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