Milestone Announces Ride 2 Screaming into Stores Today

Ride 2

Milestone and Square Enix announced today that Ride 2, has been released in North America for PlayStation®4 Pro, the Xbox One all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC.

Featuring two-hundred and twenty motorcycles ranging from two-strokes to supersports and everything in between, Ride 2 looks to be the closest you can get to racing, short of actually hoping on a bike and taking on a track day.

“We are proud of the North American Ride 2 launch; it’s an extremely important IP in the Milestone line-up and we’re thrilled to release the game to a wider audience. Additionally, we have several free and paid DLCs to satisfy some of the requests that have come from our official community. We are sure that the game meets the hardcore players needs while also being friendly to newcomers of the series”, affirms Luisa Bixio, Milestone VP.

While I’m waiting for spring to come, thaw the midwestern snow and free my own motorcycle from the clutches of my garage, this looks like it’ll be a great stand-in.Ride 2

Already released in Europe, Milestone and NA publisher Square Enix note that all of the previously released European DLC will be available in North America on Day 1. Further DLC, in the form of nine free and seven paid DLC packs will continue to be released through July 2017.


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