New Dragonslayer and Sorceress Skins Coming to LoL

New Dragonslayer and Sorceress Skins Coming to LoL

Rockers and League of Legends players around the world, the League of Legends champion Zyra is finally getting a new skin almost three years after the release of SKT T1 Zyra.  Within the next few months, summoners around the world will be able to play as a new Dragonslayer and Dragon Sorceress.

Within the next two months, summoners around the world will get to bear witness to the birth of Dragon Sorceress Zyra and Dragonslayer Xin Zhao. Dragon Sorceress Zyra will be able to spawn dragon wings and summon Dragon like plants to eat Zyra’s enemies. Dragon Sorceress Zyra will cost 1350 RP ($10.00).

Joining Dragon Sorceress Zyra is the fierce fighter Xin Zhao who has harnessed the power of Dragons to become a Dragonslayer. Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao will light a fire under his enemies feed and make them tremble as he uses his new dragon based abilities to defeat his foes. Dragonslayer Xin Zhao will cost around 1350 RP (10.00) and should release around the same time as Dragon Sorceress Zyra.

Players who do not want to wait for the skins to be available on the regular server can try them out on the PBE with an account. For players looking to change-up some of the Dragonslayer skins, two new Dragonslayer chromas will be releasing around the same time that Dragonslayer Xin Zhao releases. Players can purchase the Dragon Slayer chromas for Pantheon and Xin Zhao to give their skins an extra rainbow assortment of color.

If that’s not enough Dragon goodness for all of you, Summoners will also have the ability to purchase the new dragon slayer icons and ward skin when they release. If a player were to purchase all of the Dragon themed products it would cost around fifty dollars which for cosmetic changes is a lot of money, but if these products sound like something you would enjoy you can probably buy the bundle when it comes out sometime in March / April.

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