Pop! Vinyl Announces Steven Universe Set 2

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Pop! Vinyl Announces Steven Universe Set 2

If you haven’t gotten into Steven Universe yet, why not? While it may be a children’s show, it is one of the best cartoons on TV I have seen in a long time. It is genuine and carries important messages in almost every episode. While we got the main Crystal Gems last Pop! Series, there were some support characters (and one major character) who was left out. Coming this year, we are getting some new figures.

Coming soon to shelves near you are some fan favorites. In this figure set, we are getting Steven’s best friend and potential love interest, Connie, the bad gem turned adorably good, Peridot, Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz, the brooding gem herself, Lapis, and Steven’s trusty pet/steed, Lion. Lion is getting two different versions, a standard store version, and a Hot Topic sparkly variant.

All of these figures are coming to stores near you later this March. I am honestly going to have to convince my wallet that I don’t need the Lapi-dot figures.

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