Shift Happens Coming Out Next Week

Shift Happens Coming Out Next Week
Rockers, did your Valentine’s Day not turn out the way you thought it would? Are you looking for a new game to play with your significant other? Well, you are in luck because a new puzzle platformer called Shift Happens by Klonk Games comes out next week.

Shift Happens is a puzzle platformer for two by Klonk Games set to release next week on February 22 for Xbox One and Steam. Shift Happens seeks to bring you and someone special close together by taking control of Bismo and Plom, two gelatinous blobs. These two plasmic blobs were joined together by a freak accident that granted them the ability to exchange their size and skills almost completely at will.

When playing Co-Op, players fight to survive for forty levels between four unique environments. Solo players can only fight to survive for thirty levels between a freaky laboratory, overgrown green forests, dry canyons filled with deadly winds, and freezing caves. Teamwork is the sole focus of the game. When switching between the two characters Bismo and Plom change sizes simultaneously in a symbiotic relationship, as one gets big the other gets small.  The bigger blob can throw the smaller blob across chasms, push heavy crates, survive in shallow water, and activate weight-based triggers while the smaller blob can jump higher/farther, move under small barriers, and be catapulted by the bigger blob.  Co-Op partners can earn coins and other collectibles during each level; however, instead of sharing the wealth it is possible to “accidentally” cause each other to die.  Players can turn their hard-earned coins into neat little packages that are up for grabs.

Will you be able to work together with one another or will you break someone closest to you’s trust and fight for every coin and collectible? Ultimately, the choice is yours. Shift Happens may be the best way to test your trust with true cooperative gameplay. You can play with your friends or lover through either local or online multiplayer.

Shift Happens is set to release on both Xbox One and Steam on February 22 The Xbox One version will cost $14.99 while the Steam version will be $13.50 for the first week and then the price will rise to $14.99. A PlayStation 4 version is expected to become available on the PlayStation Store in a few short weeks. A PlayStation 4 version of Shift Happens is supposed to come to the PlayStation Store within a few short weeks.

Shift Happens looks like a cute Co-Op experience that may rival that of Portal 2. Can Bismo and Plom rival Atlas and P-Body? Based off of the trailer, Shift Happens looks like it may be game of the year worthy. What surprises does Klonk Games have for Shift Happens players? No matter what, Shift Happens should provide players with hours of fun interactive Co-Op gameplay.

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