Switch Accessories Photos Appear Online

Shows Off Zelda Starter Kit

Switch Accessories Photos Appear Online

Recently some leaked images have been surfacing of the products launching alongside Nintendo’s long awaited portable hybrid, the Switch. This includes the usual fair of extra controllers, cables, and such, but also shares a blue, Zelda-themed starter kit that looks pretty interesting. Maybe Nintendo Switch’s launch isn’t so barren after all. Some of these accessories definitely seem useful.

Switch accessories Pro Unit FrontSwitch accessories Unit SideSwitch accessories Unit front

First off we have the main unit itself, which seems to be going for a simple approach. Most boxes I’ve seen over the years have a bunch of games either already on the system or coming soon, usually a large gallery that takes up most of the space. It’s pretty interesting to see this incredibly simplistic design, the hands show how the unit moves with the player and how the Joy Cons detach. The bottom does show a diagram on the bottom of the box, showing all the cables and actual contents: The Switch Unit, left and right Joy Con controllers, two Joy Con straps, an HDMI Cable, the dock, the Joy Con Grip, and an AC Adapter. Pretty standard fair, nothing too substantial, but a complete set to get started with the Switch. Would’ve loved to see at least a stick on screen protector, but this is all fine and dandy.

Switch accessories Joy Con Pair frontSwitch accessories Joy Con R frontSwitch accessories Joy Con Pair backSwitch accessories Joy Con R BackSwitch accessories Pro Controller BackSwitch accessories Pro Controller Front

Next up, we have images of the boxes the controllers all come in. Once again, nothing out of the ordinary here, but its neat to see how the backs of the boxes are designed. Lots of text and few simple diagrams to show how they’re used. It’s a shame the prices are starting out so high, especially for the Pro Controller. Actually I wonder if the Switch Pro Controller will work for PC gaming?

Switch accessories car charger backSwitch accessories car charger frontSwitch accessories AC Adapter frontSwitch accessories AC Adapter backCharging the Switch is going to be as easy as attaching the unit to the AC adapter to the tablet-like unit, or sliding it into the dock. However, having an extra charger would be really handy to have, since the Switch only comes with one. Also revealed in these images is the Car Adapter, which I hadn’t really known about until now. The back of the box shows the car charger being about six feet long, which is the average length of most cables and perfectly adequate. For those on the go, the car charger is a must, especially for families with children on a road trip or longer drive.

Switch accessories Skylanders frontSwitch accessories SkylandersAlso shown in these photos is the starter kit for Skylanders: Imaginators on the Switch. This is a great addition to the line-up as many children will no doubt be wanting to try out the latest Toys-To-Life game on the go. This does bring some potential horror stories to my mind though, with kids wanting to bring bags of figures on family excursions, but if anything this is another great option for the console.

Switch accessories starter kit backSwitch accessories Starter Kit FrontLastly we have the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild starker kit, all themed in a nice blue color. This package comes with a nice case with slots to put games, and a place to put a pair of earbuds that are also included. There is also some Joy Con skins to make it match the case, as well as a screen protector and cleaning cloth. I definitely like the overall looks of this package, it gives those looking for a different color option something to consider. Having a case will be a must, but I think I’m more into some of the other cases we’ve seen.

Only one week left until the Nintendo Switch officially launches. We’re hoping to get a hold of ours at a midnight launch. Might even do some streaming or unboxing if we have the energy. Either way, I’ll definitely be diving deep into Zelda at the least soon and I can’t be more excited.

For more information on official Nintendo Switch products, hit up the official website.

Note: These photos were sent to us by an anonymous fan of Marooners’ Rock. Who knows where they came from initially. 

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