tinyBuild Announces Party Hard 2

They should have called it Party Harder

tinyBuild Announces Party Hard 2

In 2015, tinyBuild Games released a game called Party Hard. In Party Hard, you play as Darius, a man who can’t sleep because of a nearby party. Darius finally snaps and decides to kill everyone. This starts a string of murders known as the Party Hard Killings of autumn, 2000. In gameplay, your goal is to kill everyone. Simple enough. However, if spotted, the police will be called, and they are ruthless. So the title is a good mixture of murder and strategic planning. It has been announced that the party is about to get bigger, better, and more 3-D’er. This is Party Hard 2.

Your job shorts you your Christmas Bonus. What do you do? Brood about it? Cry by yourself at your house? Well, Party Hard 2’s “protagonist” has a different idea. He goes to the corporate party and starts killing everyone. Naturally. The big change to the title is the graphics. While the characters are still in 2D, the environments are now stylized in 3D, with physics as well as real-time shading.

Similar to the original Party Hard, Party Hard 2 will be an open development title. This means that there will be multiple opportunities for the title to be played, feedback to be given to the developers, and the game to be tweaked. The original has 5 public alphas that were able to help mold the game. To participate in these Alphas, you are able to sign up here

Also, if you are attending PAX East this year, you can get your hands on the first build of Party Hard 2. Check out the announcement trailer below, and be sure to keep tuned for more chaotic murder fun.

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