Activision Releases Trailer for Destiny 2

Activision Releases Trailer for Destiny 2

Well we all knew a sequel was inevitable for the extremely popular Destiny. It’s funny looking back at its rocky and controversial launch back in 2014. A lot of us, myself included, were severely disappointed with the product we originally received. I heavily emphasize the word “disappointed,” because while I was a little let down, there was no denying we had something pretty special here. It was a very polished title with some of the most addicting gameplay I’ve ever had in a first person shooter. There was no denying the quality and potential Destiny had. I recently got back into Destiny and I’m honestly enjoying myself. I think we can all agree Destiny is not the same game it was over 2 years ago. This makes me even more excited that we are getting Destiny 2, and in the gaming industry, sequels tend to do it right most of the time.

Destiny 2 was never a secret that Bungie and Activision wanted to hold, but rather we were just waiting for an official announcement. An Italian retailer had leaked a poster for Destiny 2 online about a week ago, so speculation and hype went through the roof. Activision had no intentions of denying this poster as they released a teaser of everyone’s favorite hunter, Cayde-6. In this trailer, Cayde spouts on how he shot this guy, then this guy, then a few more guys to be safe, all in Cayde’s witty and sarcastic sense of humor. The teaser then let us know about a brand new upcoming reveal trailer, which we all got to see today.

While it would’ve been nice to see some gameplay at first, the cinematic trailer does do enough to get fans excited. Showing a rally being set up as The Tower has been taken over by the enemy, and Cayde-6 and Zavala start to hype up their men for all-out war. While Zavala sticks to his roots as being overly serious, Cayde is the real standout in this trailer as he’s just…well he’s just Cayde.

Destiny 2 is slated to come out September 8th! Check out the trailer below. The gameplay reveal trailer will premiere May 18th as well. Those who pre-order soon can get early access to its beta.

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