April 2017’s Games with Gold Offer Announced

April 2017’s Games with Gold Offer Announced

Earlier today, Xbox Austria published a photo revealing the Games with Gold for April 2017 offer before Major Nelson made the official announcement. At the moment it is uncertain whether or not Xbox Austria’s publication of Games with Gold offer for April 2017 was accidental or if they got permission from someone higher up, only Xbox knows the answer.

Although the Austria Xbox page may have published the Games with Gold offer for April 2017 prematurely, we now know that their publication is accurate after Major Nelson made the official announcement. April’s Games with Gold offer will give Xbox gamers an Xbox One launch title and open world emotional titles that can leave a lasting impression on most gamers.

Starting on April 1st, Xbox Live gold members can download Ryze: Son of Rome and take on an empire for free throughout the month. Starting on April 16th gamers can download Telltale’s The Walking Dead: season 2 to until May 15th. How will Clementine survive now that Joel has passed away? Find out how Clementine has continued to survive when she helps take care of a newborn child. Who will she choose to protect when she must make a some of life’s hardest decisions.

Starting on April 1st, Xbox 360 and Xbox One gold members can download Darksiders for free until April 15th. Help war on his royal crusade to prove his innocence. Fight epic beasts in a post-apocalyptic Zelda-like game. If the first Darksiders isn’t enough action for you, starting on April 16th you can download Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Assassin’s Creed 2.75 will be free until April 30th.

After playing all the titles except Ryze: Son of Rome, Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to an incredible April through these Games with Gold offers. Hopefully, Microsoft will continue offering great games through the Games with Gold program and give players something to look forward to before E3 2017. Which game are you excited the most for or is there a title that you are not delighted about?

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