Funimation Acquires Attack on Titan Recap Movies, Limited Theatrical Release this March

Funimation Acquires Attack on Titan Recap Movies, Limited Theatrical Release this March

As Attack on Titan prepares for its second season’s debut in April, anime publisher Funimation Entertainment today announced that it has acquired the two-part recap films, and that fans can expect to see a limited screening in select theaters later this month.

Based on the manga from Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan takes place in a world where what remains of humanity have retreated behind massive walls, fleeing from giant beings called Titans, which seem to have only one goal, devouring humans. After years of their absence, people have begun to forget about the Titans, and dream of leaving the walls of the city, until the giants return and wreak havoc once again. The series has seen a lot of success, and has also been adapted into live-action films, with several spin-off manga and light novels also available.

Attack on Titan Part 1: Guren no Yumiya, will be shown in 19 select Reading and Alamo Drafthouse theater locations across the U.S., on Monday, Mar. 27, 2017. The second film, Attack on Titan Part 2: Jiyuu no Tsubasa, is expected to follow on Tuesday Mar. 28, 2017 or Wednesday, Mar. 29, 2017, date will depend on the theater. Part 2 will also feature a special season 2 teaser following the film’s credits, for those of you curious about what to expect when the second season debuts in April. You can find more information about the theaters and the films, by visiting the official page.

The first season of the Attack on Titan anime series is currently available in North America from Funimation Entertainment. The manga is also available from Kodansha Comics USA.

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