IndieBox Becoming IndieSox for April Fools Day

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While this time tomorrow our news feeds will be filled to the brim with ridiculous jokes, IndieBox has a different way to celebrate. What started as a joke became a phenomenal success. This year, IndieSox is at it again, providing indie love for your feet! This strange, yet awesome way to celebrate April Fools also helps out Stack-Up, a charity that supports military veterans.

Everything starts with a Thunderclap page, a service that helps spread the word about projects. Think of it like a precursor to a Kickstarter, where users pledge to have a message sent out of their account. Also starting tomorrow all traffic heading towards IndieBox will be redirected to IndieSox. One can assume that customers can then purchase these special socks at that website, which is currently down, but will go live tomorrow.

I do love this idea. Funny how something that was meant to be a joke turned into an amazing way to support charity. Outside of these socks, IndieBox normally sells monthly boxes that have collector’s editions of awesome indie games. These collector’s editions always have a Steam Key, a DRM-free copy of the game, a soundtrack, and some exclusive collectible items. I am actually the proud owner of their release of Jotun: Valhalla Edition, but there will more about that later on.

Those looking to support IndieSox can pop over to the Thunderclap page to help spread the word of this cause. Be sure to hit up the IndieBox website too to order some neat socks.

While I don’t usually wear gaming socks, I do have a couple pairs and some that help support charity and spread my love of indies. I also met some of the veterans that have been helped by Stack-Up at PAX, all of which were extremely fun to be around. It’s another great example of gamers being able to change the world for the better by building these communities centered around the medium we love.

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