Middle Earth: Shadow of War Cinematic Trailer Premieres

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Cinematic Trailer Premieres

Well, we now know for sure that Target’s leak of a Shadow of Mordor sequel is 100% true! WBGames has released a full cinematic trailer for their sequel. The epic 2 minute trailer reveals that Talion is still the game’s protagonist, as he is creating a ring with Celebrimbor to defeat Sauron once and for all. As the trailer then shows armies of Uruk being prepared, it seems a war is coming to Middle Earth. Hence the name, Shadow of War. All I really see is just more Uruk I get to stab in the face once again.

Trailer was all cinematic, so there was no room for any gameplay. However, the end of the trailer lets us know that we will get a gameplay reveal on March 8th. You gotta wonder if the original plan was to premiere the cinematic trailer on March 8th as they had announced a big surprise for that date. Then due to the Target leak, they decided to say screw it and just give us a first trailer beforehand. We aren’t sure, and we don’t care. We’re just happy we’re finally getting this much needed sequel. Check out the trailer below.

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