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My Memory of Us Preview at PAX East 2017

My Memory of Us Preview at PAX East 2017

During PAX East, I had the pleasure of sitting down with developers at the IMGN.PRO booth for a hands-on preview of the game My Memory of Us. Though the game is still in its early stages of development and has yet to be given a release date, I can confidently say that I have never been so deeply moved by a game so quickly.

On the surface, My Memory of Us appears to be a rather simple game about the friendship between a boy and a girl as they venture off and face the realities and terrors of a once familiar world that has been overthrown by a tyrant. The art style is reminiscent of old black and white cartoons and despite feeling rather gloomy, has an uplifting charm. During the game, you play as both the boy and girl character and work to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in the world. You must do it carefully though, because if you get caught defying the Evil King’s orders then you will be severely punished. This is a great base for the story of the game, but there is so much more to it than that.

In actuality, My Memory of Us is so much more in depth than I ever could have imagined due to the fact that the game is heavily inspired by one of the darkest times in our world’s history, the Second World War. Although the game never explicitly depicts Nazis or mentions the holocaust, it is undoubtedly clear that the game often symbolically references real people and real events from that time. I find it astounding how seamlessly the developers were able to capture the significance of these moments and ideas and translate them into the story amidst the puzzle solving.

Every aspect of the Second World War is considered a sensitive subject and it’s not easy to talk about. With that, I applaud Juggler Games for being unafraid to take on such momentous project. They tell a story carefully and artfully that is representative of friendship during a time of hardship and horror faced by the Jewish population in German-occupied Poland. At the very least, I think this game will aid in starting the conversation. Additionally, I think that focusing on the friendship between the little boy and girl is a beautiful way to make this game stand out and adaptable for all audiences despite it’s rather gloomy and gruesome inspiration. Telling the story through the eyes of children gives players hope and helps to lighten the mood while not taking away from the deeper meaning of it all.

My Memory of Us is a jolting yet graceful reminder that the past is a part of all of us. It can teach us to appreciate others, cherish friendships and remind us all that we are human and need to stand up for one another. You can’t help but feel how powerful and meaningful this game is at its core and appreciate how beautiful of a tribute it is to those persecuted during the Second World War. The game artistically and masterfully communicates stories that are sensitive and difficult to talk about. I am taken aback and moved by the weight and emotion that has been poured into this game by the development team.

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Lindsey Revis is a Hufflepuff that hails from the northern suburbs of Chicago. She is currently studying business at the Ohio State University and enjoys spending her free time traveling, playing video games, playing board games, writing reviews, and drinking wine.

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