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The War Has Returned To Mordor

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to 2014’s fantastic Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, has a new 16-minute gameplay walkthrough. This first look at gameplay showcases the changes and improvements that will expand the breadth of the game and the famed Nemesis System. In Shadow of Mordor, the focus of the Nemesis System was mostly on enemies and revenge, whereas this iteration seems to build on the importance of your allies. Depending on how they are treated, they will either fight alongside you in battle, or turn their back on you.

Also shown are the new fortresses, where an overlord and his minions are just waiting for you to “make their day”. As Talion, the returning protagonist from Shadow of Mordor, you have many weapons at your disposal. From your Wraith powers, to your Orc Army, to brutal executions with your trusty sword, all the way to riding drakes and raining flames from above, there seems to be no lack of ways to accomplish your mission.

Most exciting appear to be the interactions with the allies/friends you’ve recruited. In one example, Thrak Strom-Bringer, who was once an ally of yours, comes back to fight against you after you’ve supposedly killed him. However, before you can even battle, an ally named Mozu Deadeye puts an arrow through Thrak’s head and saves you the hassle of even unsheathing your sword. If you had treated Mozu differently, or hadn’t been fostering those relationships, that encounter would have been yours alone.

There are examples aplenty of the new and improved Nemesis System crafting a unique story for each player. Developer Monolith Productions claims that no two fortresses will be exactly the same for two given players. While seemingly a bold statement, it appears they are doing all they can to make that a reality.

The best part about all this? We only have to wait until August 22nd, 2017 to experience this new tale, when Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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