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Heavy Metal Action RPG Based on Motörhead

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Victor Vran is an isometric RPG that knows what players love about the genre. It makes sure the player has a good time with what makes action RPGs so much fun. It heavily emphasizes loot and leveling up, and when playing a game like this, that’s all a player could really ask for. When I’m playing an RPG, what really keeps glued to my screen is how I can keep getting my character better and better the more I play. Overcoming a certain boss or mission always never feels sweeter when loot and XP is involved. This is what Victor Vran knows about the players, and Haemimont Games does a damn good job of reflecting this.

After my hands-on demo with Victor Vran: Overkill Edition at PAX East, I can say that console gamers need to take a look at this. Originally released on PC, the action RPG was met with fairly positive reception, currently holding a 9/10 on Steam. During my quick demo, I was able to get a feel for the different weapon types, and a few of the demon powers that Victor can unleash. Overall, the combat of the game is satisfying and fun. Victor has a full arsenal of weapons, powers, and gear to choose from. This is thanks in part to the Diablo style loot system. As I was killing enemies, I kept getting new loot, but not too much that it would be overkill (pun-intended). All of the weapons had a unique feel to them from ranged to melee. The occasional few were pretty basic such pistol or a hammer, but then I was also able to have a gun that literally shoots out exploding chickens. So yeah, diverse weapons for sure!

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What makes Victor Vran player-friendly is the fact that there are no classes that restricts the playthrough. Each weapon type if easily accessible while having their own set of unique abilities. You’ll need to try a little variety in the combat as some of the enemies can be pretty tough, especially in large crowds. Luckily, you can use a demon power of your choice to unleash some devastating attacks to even odds. While Victor Vran may be tough, dying has no real long-lasting consequences. All that is required is just go back to your check-point.

I definitely appreciated the level design as each level had some variety in the select few I got to play in. Some areas had a more constrained feel to them, causing me to be more aggressive as I was surrounded on all front. Others had more open environments with some nice verticality added in to give the player some breathing room. What adds a nice aesthetic to the game is just how colorful it is. While the levels can “dark, brooding, haunting, etc,” the ridiculous combat adds some nice vibrant colors to the mix, that perfectly contrasts the dark tone the setting embraces.

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Unfortunately, I was unable to get some hands-on time with the co-op. However, I could see how easily accessible it was when discussing it with the developers. When the finished product is out, the co-op will be a seamless drop-in and drop-out experience. Anyone who’s played a similar title such as Diablo will immediately feel at home, as I can tell Victor Vran owes a lot to it for inspiration. Having a friend play this, and having both of us unleash devastating demon powers is something I’m very much looking forward to.

Overall, while Victor Vran doesn’t do anything necessarily groundbreaking in terms of an isometric action RPG, but that’s not to say it is not worth keeping an eye out for. With slick combat, addicting RPG elements, and an abundance of loot, there’s plenty to keep fans of the genre satisfied. Another interesting aspect for those who are not aware; Victor Vran’s world is based on the lore that the English metal band, Motörhead, has created. It’s dark, but also silly. I’m curious as to whether or not this lore will actually be riveting enough to keep the player’s attention, or maybe it just isn’t going to take itself seriously and just encourage players to have a bloody good time. There is no official release date, but expect to see this released for Xbox One and PS4 this year for sure, which will include all the DLC that has already been released for the PC edition.

Those really wanting to tear up some demons can pick up the game on Steam.


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