Attack on Titan Season 2 Really Did Premiere Yesterday

Fighting Titans Is Always Foolish, But...

Attack on Titan Season 2 featured

Yesterday was a day filled with false news and funny jokes from just about every journalism outpost, as well as major companies. Among these bits of news, Crunchyroll touted that the long awaited second season of the hit anime Attack On Titan (also known as Shingeki No Kyojin) would be premiering on that same day of jokes. While I was extremely skeptical of this, I was surprised to find that later that evening they had actually done it. I watched the episode; it’s real, and it’s damn exciting to see the series pick up once again.

Fans of the animated series haven’t had any updates since 2015 in which the first season wrapped up in tremendous fashion, leaving one hell of a cliffhanger and creating many more questions than answers. Lucky for those subscribed to Crunchyroll, the online streaming service that’s available on browser as well as tons of devices, the new episode appeared and even soft crashed the site a few times due to the amount of traffic. Attack on Titan quickly jumped up to the most popular show currently being watched as well, immediately surpassing Naruto Shippuden and One Piece all day yesterday.

Those wondering where the new season picks up will find themselves right back in the action. The new season starts immediately where it was left off,┬ábeginning first with the appearance of a titan in an unlikely place, a strange new type of titan, and the expansion of the general mystery behind the series. While there isn’t much development in the episode itself, these next few are going to blow people’s minds.

Not too long ago, I found myself fervently wanting to know what happened next in the story. This led me to pick up reading the manga series, which is already at least a couple seasons ahead of the anime. This is not surprising as the team behind the animation needs to give the manga enough time so that there’s plenty of content to recreate. Everything I have read so far though doubled, if not tripled, my love for this brutal action series.

Once again, this next arc in Attack on Titan is going to blow people’s minds.

Be sure to check out tons of subbed anime and drama over at Crunchyroll.

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