Aven Colony Gets New “Survival” Trailer

Aven Colony Featured Landscape

Aven Colony proposes a slew of harsh environments, coaxing players to learn new strategies to ensure their civilization survives. Taking the elements of Sim City and adding in tons of alien troubles, Aven Colony looks to add some Dune to our city simulation games. Sprinkle in what looks like some tower defense elements and Aven Colony could be a strategy centered sleeper hit to look out for. To show off some of the environments and gameplay of this title, a new trailer about surviving the strange world of Aven Prime has been launched.

Judging from the trailer and the information in the press release, there are plenty of cool things happening in Aven Colony. Featuring hostile environments like deserts, tundras, badlands, and wetlands filled with strange alien life, Aven Colony has a look all on its own. Not only will players’ societies be tried by the harsh weather such as lightning storms, freezing winters, and clouds of toxic gas, but also diseases that can affect both people and structures. Attacks from local aliens are also a major threat, forcing the player to build a multitude of defenses.

What is currently being called “creep spores” will infect structures, slowly chipping them away to make them a perfect target for alien attack. On the other hand, “plague spores” can quickly cripple society’s denizens, spreading quickly and killing everything in its path. Players must adapt their strategies and build accordingly to prevent these hazards, giving the human race a chance so far away from Earth. Those just wanting to enjoy keeping a society afloat can also play in Aven Colony‘s sandbox mode, which has a ton of custom options to toy with.

Aven Colony Screenshot Gameplay UI

Those seeking a different approach to city simulation games should keep an eye out for Aven Colony. While it’s definitely the sort of game that will likely thrive on PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions are also being launched alongside the PC release.

Expect to see Aven Colony on those platforms later this year when it launches on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. For more information, check out the official website.

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