FFXV Drive-In Theater DLC

Drive-In Theaters Are Back!

FFXV Drive-In Theater DLC

One of the more interesting aspects of Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy entry is the game’s primary mode of transportation, the ever fancy Regalia convertible. Fans of the car will be pleased to know that a FFXV Drive-In Theater DLC will soon be available! The Regalia is a unique part of the game’s over all experience and it is nice to see that players will have more to do with it.

Details as to what exactly you’ll be able to watch at this Drive-In are yet to be released, but it looks like you’ll be able to see the game’s companion movie “Kingsglaive” at the very least. Which may fill in some of missing plot points that fans who haven’t seen the movie yet are missing. Also, whether this is event based requiring you to show up to the location at specific times to watch or you can just pull up and play content is also unclear. Though I could see people who own video content through their PSN and Xbox Live account or even connecting their netflix accounts to watch their favorite movies at the virtual Drive-In being at the very least a novelty experience. The announcement did say that the DLC will be available sometime in 2144. I find this to be somewhat odd as that will be around the same time as the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III.

Though not really game changing or adding to the story, it should be a fun venture. It will add to the game’s central theme of camaraderie. It would even be fun to see Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus reacting to the movies and even occasionally adding commentary in MST3K fashion. What would you like to watch in the upcoming FFXV Drive-In Theater DLC? Should it only include Final Fantasy based content or should it be an on demand media viewer?

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