Hover – Revolt of Gamers Surfs through Neon Cities

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Inspired by the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio, Hover: Revolt of Gamers seeks to fulfill the need to leap through neon worlds with a little bit of against-the-establishment flair. Hover is an open-world parkour title that has players leaping through the air, grinding on walls, and tagging surfaces with spray paint. More details about the game can be found in their gameplay trailer that lists out some of the features players can expect when the game launches.

Judging from the trailer and the press release, there are plenty of challenges to play around with from racing through specific nodes to maneuvering around trap-laden dens. It was also said in the press release that the game will blend seamlessly into multiplayer to explore the world with friends. All of this flipping and combo building isn’t for just for show though, as the player characters represent a group rebelling against anti-entertainment doctrines from the sinister Great Admin. These Gamers are on a mission to bring the fun back to their world by desecrating propaganda and trying to contact the Galactic Union for help.

Also looking to be included in Hover: Revolt of Gamers is a set of tools that lets the community create custom missions and mini-games. This feature is likely what will become the main factor on the game’s long term success. If players make outstanding content in addition to what’s being offered, this could have a ton of potential, especially for streaming and video creation.

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While Hover does tout its connection to Jet Set Radio frequently, its not without some pedigree. Gameplay aside, the soundtrack is actually being partly done by Hideki Naganuma, who most famously is known for his work on Jet Set Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, Ollie King, and Sonic Rush. In this regard, the soundscape is likely in good hands.

Personally, I do hope that the game will continue to improve, as the trailer does seem more like an early beta build (trailer is actually from September 2016) than a full game. Hopefully, we will see this evolve into the love letter for Jet Set Radio that fans are expecting and a unique game that can stand on its own. I do love the inclusion of a first person perspective; puts me in the mind of Mirror’s Edge, but with the colors of Blade Runner.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers is slated for a release later this year, with console ports hopefully a few months later. The game is scheduled for a cheaper than full-retail price as well, aiming for $29.99 on PC and $39.99 on consoles. For more information, check out the official website.

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