IndieBox Brings Back Boxed PC Titles

Epic Collector's Editions for PC Indies

IndieBox Brings back boxed PC titles

I’ve always been a huge fan of physical games, which has led me to pursue a lot of special releases through companies like Merge Games or Limited Run. This is mostly how I expand my video game library on consoles, but there’s another company working on bringing back what made PC gaming so much more fun in its earliest days. IndieBox creates affordable collector’s edition games for PC indies including some downright amazing titles, all through a monthly subscription service and a store for those that miss out on a box.

Similar in setup to Loot Crate, IndieBox is done on a monthly subscription. Subscribing for multiples months also saves the buyer some cash. Of course, IndieBox lets their followers know well in advance which games will be featured, ensuring no one gets a game they don’t really want. Many of my collector’s friends opt to always get whatever they put out though, so it’s really up to the user how they want to pick up these games. This approach is also friendly for just about any budget.

Each IndieBox includes a Steam Key, DRM-free standard edition, soundtrack, and exclusive collector’s items. Some of the coolest games they’ve done in the past include boxes for Risk of Rain, Rogue Legacy, Hue, and Axiom Verge, just to name a few.

Personally, this is my favorite way to experience these games. Sure picking them up on Steam is nice, but having it on a shelf and getting to experience all the care put into each box just ups the value above and beyond the original price. There’s a strange sort of connection that is developed with these physical items. Memories have a knack for sticking to tangible things after all.

Better yet, if one is new to IndieBox or somehow missed out on a coveted game, the IndieBox store tries to keep many of these games in stock. Most of the collector’s editions cost about $35, so if one were to get the monthly subscription for $25, they’d be saving some money. Having this as an option is great, especially for someone like me who came across Axiom Verge a bit after its initial release and having that physically would be just awesome.

During PAX I got to talk to the kind folks at IndieBox in passing while making my way around the convention center. Without asking, I was offered a box, which led me to picking the one for Jotun: Valhalla Edition, which our writer Robert Workman reviewed a while back. I have never played it, but I always thought it looked interesting. Honestly, if my budget had allowed, I would’ve picked up a couple more games then and there.

Inside the box, I was amazed to find a Blu-Ray style case with both an installation disc and the soundtrack. There is some impeccable quality in this package, but I was particularly impressed by the standard disc’s packaging. Also included was a leather tag keyring with the game’s logo and a figure of the main character Thora. Needless to say, this looks awesome on my shelf. Plus with the DRM-free disc, I can move it to multiple PCs through the years with no worries about a product key. That final feature is definitely a life saver, there are plenty of games I have tucked away that I simply won’t be able to play without some sort of hack to give me access.

For those that want a visual of what’s inside this particular IndieBox, check out the video below. I also included some scenes from the trailer for those who haven’t got to see anything from the game.

Once again, I am all about video game preservation. Too many games have been lost to time before, either because they didn’t sell well or were released on a weird system, or any number of reasons. Putting more games into a physical medium helps against losing these titles years from now. Sure, its not a guaranteed way to preserve our history, but its definitely a benefit for those trying to do so.

Indie games do have a tendency to release mostly via digital marketplaces, so companies like IndieBox are really doing a fantastic service for the industry as a whole. Plus, some of these games carry quality that is comparable to games made with much larger budgets. Let’s be proud of our indies with these collections that honor games that sometimes just don’t get the luxury.

April’s featured game on IndieBox is the indie classic Super Meat Boy, which has already been praised a ton, making this collector’s edition a piece truly crafted for fans. It also has the theme of being marked up by the game’s antagonist, which I find hilarious and a creative spin to the release. Be sure to subscribe soon for this box, as it does have a timer like many monthly services.

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