Limited Run Announces New Physical Releases

Ys, Mutant Mudds, Risk of Rain, Oh My!

Limited Run Announces New Games

Limited Run have jumped in popularity over the last year, quickly making the company the go to place for collectors of physical editions of games. Each release is made with a limited number of units, hence the name, while also being one of the only ways to get these games in physical form. Specializing mostly in PS4 and PSVita titles, Limited Run have just announced a slew of new games on the way, many of which have been critically acclaimed.

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Stating with what’s coming up soon, April 14th will see the release of two awesome titles. First off, dungeon crawler Ray Gigant is getting a release for Vita. Ray Gigant was a pleasant change from a lot of the conventions of the plethora of dungeon crawling RPGs that are on the Vita. I actually reviewed the game a while back, enjoying its art style and easy to understand combat. Fans of the genre will certainly want to snatch up this opportunity. Also available for order that same day is a rogue-like platformer Flinthook. Flinthook was a project many of us enjoyed at PAX East, one that has incredibly charming pixel art and snappy controls. Each run is unique of course due to the rouge-like elements at play, while the classic feeling gameplay begs to be mastered. Both of these games are worth trying, even if the Limited Run release is missed.

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Next, Limited Run announced that they are bringing not just one classic indie, but two. Mutant Mudds Deluxe and Mutant Mudds Super Challenge are both getting a physical release for PS4 and PSVita. Mutant Mudds Deluxe was an indie darling that really made a name for itself as an incredibly affordable way to expand a 3DS’s library, giving the player the ability to jump between foregrounds and backgrounds. Super Challenge, on the other hand,¬†offers a ton of new challenges, including tough boss fights. The Limited Run release will be available in late April.

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One of my favorite PC games and one of the first games I picked up on Steam, Risk of Rain, is also getting the Limited Run treatment. Coming to both PS4 and Vita, Risk of Rain is a 2D rogue-like that has tons of cool characters to play as in a world that steadily becomes more hostile. Players will have to balance going through each stage quickly or staying longer to build up their levels and gear. There is definitely a huge risk and reward system at play, plus killing things with a lighting spewing ukulele never gets old. Being a huge fan of this game, I’ll probably have to snag it when it becomes available to order early May.¬†Also, two other games to look out for are Dariusburst CS on PS4 (April/May) and Nova-111 on PS4 and Vita (April/May).

Limited Run Announces New Games Ys Origin

Lastly, we have the phenomenal RPG series entry Ys Origin, which is getting both a collector’s edition, as well as a standard edition for both PS4 and Vita. Coming from JRPG legend Nihon Falcom, fans of classic adventures with turn-based fights and EXP to gobble up will want to pick this one up for sure. Of course, the game has been out for a while, but this title is the perfect starting place for new players. This Limited Run release will be available sometime in the Summer.

Limited Run continues to impress me with their continued support of bringing some of the best games to the physical platform, a practice that isn’t always appropriate for some digital games, but is steadily becoming more popular with consumers. Being a huge fan of the Vita, their service is greatly appreciated in the fight for video game preservation and history. This also gets my collector heart pumping furiously, as most of these games just look freaking awesome on my shelf. I actually got to chat with Doug from Limited Run during PAX East, but I’ll have a full report on that later.

Be sure to check into Limited Run’s website regularly for more information on these games. Also follow them on Twitter or Facebook to get regular updates about what’s in the pipeline.

Until next time, I’ll be over here drooling over my Lone Survivor #31 and Curses and Chaos #33 that I picked up at PAX. Gotta love the Vita.

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