To Love Ru and Sequel Manga Acquired by Seven Seas

To Love Ru and Sequel Manga Acquired by Seven Seas

Manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment finished off another week by making new manga license announcements today, as it revealed plans for the harem romantic comedy, To Love Ru, and To Love Ru Darkness, both to debut later this year.

To Love Ru and its sequel, To Love Ru Darkness, are both from Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki, and follow Rito Yūki, a shy and awkward high school student that finds himself engaged to an alien princess named Lala, after a misunderstanding. Poor Rito, gets caught up in extraterrestrial politics, and is forced to face off with rival alien suiters, all while he has feeling for someone else. Rito’s harem troubles continue in Darkness, as Lala’s younger sister Momo, works to marry Rito herself, but it can only happen if he becomes king of their interstellar empire, which would allow him to marry as many women as he wants.

Seven Seas will be releasing To Love Ru as two-in-one omnibus editions, in print and digitally, with the first volume scheduled for Oct. 24, 2017. To Love Ru Darkness will be released as single volume editions, with the first volume slated for release on Oct. 31, 2017.

If you are curious about the series, the anime is currently published in North America, by Sentai Filmworks.

On Wednesday, Seven Seas also announced plans to release Kazuki Funatsu’s monster girl action-comedy, Yokai Girls. The series will be released as single volume editions, with the first releasing on Nov. 7, 2017.

The publisher also revealed this week, on Thursday, plans to release the Monster Girl Doctor light novel series, written by Orikō Yoshino and illustrated by Z-ton. The series is also going to be released as single volume editions, and the first volume is slated for Dec. 19, 2017.

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