NIS America’s New Titles From Nintendo Direct

Disgaea 5, Culdcept Revolt, and RPG Maker Fes

NIS America Nintendo Direct Offerings Featured

Today’s Nintendo Direct came as a bit of a surprise. With a majority of the announcement focusing on Splatoon 2 and ARMS, it seemed like this Direct would be a bit dull or at the least predictable. However, plenty of other smaller, often more exciting tidbits were revealed including some new games from NIS America. Disgaea 5 Complete is headed to Nintendo Switch later this year. While Culdcept Revolt and RPG Maker Fes are coming to Nintendo 3DS.

Disgaea 5 Complete is the latest tactical RPG in a series that many players have adored for quite a while. This version includes all the goodies released over time, as well as being incredibly portable thanks to the Nintendo Switch’s main feature. This version also includes additional side stories as well as more characters, including favorites like Laharl.

Disgaea 5 Complete releases on Nintendo Switch on May 23, 2017. A free demo will be available soon in the E-Shop.

Heading to Nintendo 3DS is a popular Japanese title that blends tactical card games with board game fun and strategy. While the series has been making some waves in Japan, its not often we get games from this unique series. Having that classic NIS charm, Culdcept Revolt looks to be a great point of entry for new players and a great package for fans.

Culdcept Revolt is launching both physically and digitally on Nintendo 3DS on August 29th, 2017 in North America and September 1st, 2017 in Europe.

Lastly, RPG Maker Fes is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, bringing back the RPG toolkit that continues to provide a way for budding game designers to cut their teeth. This portable version also includes the ability to share created games online and players will even be able to download a program on the E-Shop that lets them play creations. This is regardless whether they own the full game or not, meaning anyone can play those created games. DLC will also throw in characters and assets from Disgaea, Disgaea 5, and Phantom Brave for some glorious possibilities for fans of NIS America’s greatest games.

RPG Maker Fes is coming to Nintendo 3DS on June 27, 2017 in North America and June 23, 2017 in Europe, both physically and digitally.

NIS America continues to be a dominant force across all consoles. While I’ve enjoyed their continued support of some truly epic physical PSVita releases, these new entries look especially interesting to players on the go. I do really want to try out RPG Maker Fes, as I’ve enjoyed the PC entries in the past. This could be an interesting way to develop the skills of budding game designers in a unique way, especially much younger ones.

Find more of NIS America’s offerings on their official website.

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