Walking Dead: March To War Council System Revealed

Walking Dead: March To War Council System Revealed

Developer Disruptor Beam (Game of Thrones Ascent and Star Trek Timelines) has recently given us more details into their upcoming Walking Dead: March To War mobile title. March To War is promised to be a story-driven multiplayer game where players must fight and scavenge their way through a war-torn and Walker infested Washington D.C, while also helping to rebuild society. As leader to a group of survivors, players must make choices constantly with the guidance of various council members, which Lead Designer Micheal Leoncavallo has shed some more light on.

The Council System is the core and central aspect of the entire game. “The Council System is our way of getting characters from the graphic novels into the hands of players. Players will be able to use their favorite Walking Dead characters to lead their already formidable force of Survivors,” Leoncavallo states in his blog. A cool feature that March To War implements is how to get each council member, which requires players to collect a certain amount of comic covers of each member which eventually unlocks them (pretty meta).

Council members are required when sending a group of survivors out on a raid, as all the survivors are “rookies” in the beginning. The success of each raid depends on the council member, as each of the 12 at launch have their own advantage out in the world. For example, players can have the infamous Negan take lead in a raid, for which he can lead attacks much better other council members. Leoncavallo promises that choice of council members is extremely crucial to each encounter, and with Walking Dead’s survival aspect, it seems each choice could be a tough one.

We aren’t for sure as to when March of War is set to release, but Disruptor Beams has stated it is set for a 2017 release. For more a more detailed look at Leoncavallo’s blog, follow this link: https://www.disruptorbeam.com/blog/council-system-reveal.

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