SpeedRunners Coming To Xbox One

SpeedRunners Coming To Xbox One

Who doesn’t love an evening of chasing friends in an endless loop until all but one dies from a fiery explosion off screen? That’s right, Tinybuild’s SpeedRunners is back in the news. It officially launched last April in concurrence with PAX East, so why now? Big news for Microsoft fans of the PC smash hit that is running amuck.

SpeedRunners is coming the Xbox One on June 1st! That is enough in itself to get excited for. However, there is more! It will be free for Xbox Gold members! In its entirety. That is enough news to justify a house party! No other news has been announced at this time, but get hyped! Team Left Shark all day, baby!

If you haven’t heard of SpeedRunners, it is a party game where the goal of each round is to successfully navigate a course. Seems easy enough, but opponents will be dropping hazards, zapping you with ice, dropping meteors, etc. to stop you in your tracks. Once a player falls off screen, the bounds of play will start shrinking on the screen, meaning you have to stay closer and closer to the lead. Once one player stands victorious, they get a point. First to three wins the match. It is a great addictive game that does not grow stale. Be sure to check it out next month!

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