AeternoBlade II Arrives on Indiegogo

Time-Altering Sequel Shows of Thai Game Design

AeternoBlade II Environment Library

With the increase in localization, we’ve been lucky to be able to play games from countries that many Westerners don’t usually get to experience. We’ve seen Chinese developments surge into the market, especially in the MMO space, and with this latest project comes game development from Thailand. As a sequel to an early indie that I remember trying on the 3DS, AeternoBlade II looks to expand the ideas of the original and expand its world for fans.

The first AeternoBlade was a bit of a cult classic, amassing over 50,000 sales across the PS4, PSVita, and the Nintendo 3DS. Much like the original game, AeternoBlade II‘s 2D action focuses on aerial flair, hack and slash combat, and time manipulation. For the sequel, players will be able to fight baddies as one of three characters, each with their own style and time manipulation powers. Of course, players will get to play as Freyja, who was also the main character of the first game who uses the AeternoBlade of Past. Bernard finally enters the fray, swinging his massive halberd and the AeternoBlade of Present. Lastly, Felix, Bernard’s childhood friend, fights with his sword whip and the AeternoBlade of Future. Each character offers something different and their designs hold a ton of promise.

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Judging from the trailer, there is a lot of similarity gameplay wise to the first game. What is most interesting though is the use of dynamic camera shifts during combat and boss battles. This shift gives the game’s world have more depth, more so than a traditional 2D affair. Now, its important to note that the trailer is likely an early build. As of now, the gameplay and graphics do look pretty rough, but hopefully that will be ironed out before the final release.

AeternoBlade II has the potential to be a unique and awesome action experience and it looks like folks at Corecell are doing their best to make that happen.

Overall, I’m glad to see more and more development teams from across the world finding a more global reach. While I can’t say that I am a fan of the first AeternoBlade, its cool to see the ideas developed further. If anything, the first game had some unique approaches to puzzles with its time manipulation mechanics. It’s also cool to see more games coming to the Nintendo Switch, which continues to get titles announced as the year goes on. Hopefully, AeternoBlade II will reach its physical copy stretch goals; we could always use more physical copies out in the market. It would also be interesting for someone to buy the top tier reward, which will add that person as a playable character.

Find more information about AeternoBlade II on their Indiegogo page.

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