Is Blizzard Teasing a New Overwatch Hero and Map?

Is Blizzard Teasing a New Overwatch Hero and Map?

Blizzard is no stranger to teasing new features and updates for games, and tonight was no different. The Overwatch Twitter page has just tweeted out the following; “[BREAKING UPDATE] For the first time in years, new details emerge about the possible fate of Horizon Lunar Colony.” When you click on the attached link, it takes you to a page that talks about a Lucheng Interstellar press conference that happened today, and some interesting details emerge.

According to this breaking news, Lucheng Interstellar has revealed that the Horizon Lunar Colony’s databases and monitoring systems are still functional, and while they haven’t been able to communicate with the facility, they have received “interpersonnel logs sent days and moments before the base lost contact with earth.”

The most interesting transmission was one you see above, which shows the “still operating integrated monitoring systems.” What is so intriguing about this image is on the bottom left. It shows two specimen that are not found. The first is our favorite gorilla hero Winston, but there is also a mention of Hammond? Could this be a new hero that will soon be added to Overwatch’s roster? Will we be headed to the moon to battle on a brand new map? Provided this image and the others, what do you think is next for the unstoppable hit that is Overwatch? Let us know!

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