Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection Licensed by Seven Seas

Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection Licensed by Seven Seas

It has been a busy week for manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment, having announced four new licenses already and the publisher today added one more new title to its catalog to close out the week, Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection.

With its last title announcement for the week, Seven Seas is going with Leiji Matsumoto’s space pirate classic. The series follows Captain Harlock and his ragtag crew, as they work to save Earth, after a mysterious sphere collides with Tokyo and legends seemingly born of ancient Mayan civilization appear. These beings are alien invaders, having planted women who wander the planet in ages past, they now return to make it theirs.

Seven Seas will be publishing Captain Harlock: The Classic Collection as two large trim hardcover omnibus editions. The first volume ($24.99) is slated for release on Apr. 24, 2018.

The classic tale also joins another Captain Harlock release from the publisher, Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage, which is slated to debut in September of this year. Kodansha Comics USA also publishes another space opera from Leiji Matsumoto, set in Harlock’s universe, Queen Emeraldas.

Throughout this week, Seven Seas has announced the acquisitions of Giant Spider & Me: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale, Fauna and the Dragonewts’ Seven Kingdoms, Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphic Project, and Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho.

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