First Expansion Pack Details For Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Revealed

New Outfits and Features Coming this Summer

Breath of the Wild Expansion featured

While we already know that two expansion packs are headed for the masterpiece of a game that is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, details have been scarce for what they will bring. Tonight, Nintendo has unveiled the first of two – The Master Trials, which looks to give us many more reasons to jump back into Hyrule when it launches this Summer, not that we ever left.

One of the big additions is the “Trial of the Sword” challenge. Similar to the Cave of Shadows from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U, this challenge tasks you with surviving “about 45 rooms” of enemies. Link will have to enter the “Trial of the Sword” without any of his trusty equipment and weaponry. However, if he can conquer the trial, “The true power of the Master Sword awakens.”

Next up is “Hero’s Path Mode”. This is an addition to the map that will show where Link has traveled over his last 200 hours of in-game questing. Shown by green lines, you will now be able to see where you have explored and what corners of Hyrule may still hold secrets. This is great news for me, as I ran out of Stamps long ago, attempting to accomplish what this does so easily. Also included is a new Travel Medallion item, which will allow you to create a travel point anywhere on the map. While only one may be active at a time, I can see this coming in handy.

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Have you conquered Calamity Ganon and restored peace to Hyrule? Well, once this expansion launches, you will be able to jump back in and start Hard Mode. Enemies will gradually regain health and are instantly powered up by one level, or color. You may even encounter enemies not found in the normal base game. Link will be more easily spotted, and apparently, enemies will now roam the sky on planks supported by balloons. So look to the clouds and defeat them to collect even more treasure.

A DLC pack without new armor and weapons would raise some eyebrows and this pack does not disappoint. Not only will you be able to find a Korok Mask which will shake when Koroks are hiding nearby, but there are eight new pieces of equipment that draw from The Legend of Zelda‘s storied history. Have fun equipping gear from such characters as Midna, Tingle, Phantom and Skull Kid.

Lastly, Nintendo has also announced that a new, free audio update has been released that will allow you to change the in-game audio to Japanese, English, French (France), French (Canada), German, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Italian and Russian, with “a different language used for on-screen text”.

For more news on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, its expansion packs, and so much more, stay tuned to Marooners’ Rock!

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