Forever Classic Podcast – Episode 0

The Beginning of Something Classic

Forever Classic Podcast Episode 0 Featured

For a while now, Zach Snyder and I have been wanting to get back into the hobby of podcasting. Back when I wrote for Giga Geek Magazine, we had a fairly short run of a show that we really enjoyed doing, but never got as deep into it as we would’ve liked. Life also got in the way, as we both were working far too much at the time. Now that we have a bit of free time, we have finally put together the first episode of a new show, one that follows the retro gaming focus of my Youtube and Twitch efforts. This is the Forever Classic Podcast.

This first episode is mostly us experimenting with the structure of the show and getting back into the habit of discussing the game industry together. We also learned that we can talk for hours and hours, as we had to cut this episode down by quite a bit. Future episodes will likely be shorter, right around an hour in length. We have three types of shows planned: News, Topic, and Narrative. Our first few episodes will probably focus on the news side of things, although we already have a few topics in mind to discuss and would also love suggestions.

Once we get going though, we want to take a more scripted approach to the stories of the gaming world. For example, we want to put the spotlight on the life of Hideo Kojima to talk about his earliest works in a more entertaining way that stays true to the narrative of his life. We have lots of ideas planned for this style of podcast and can’t wait to get to that point.

As of right now, the only place to find the show is on SoundCloud, but we will be adding our episodes to iTunes, Google Play, and the like soon, after a few episodes anyways. Any and all feedback is great appreciated as well, so please find us on social media.

Our first episode is pretty exciting and we have a lot planned for the future. The Forever Classic Podcast officially starts now.

Most people bleed red. Alex bleeds pixels. Hailing from the deep mountains of WV, land of beautiful landscapes and internet scarceness, Alex can be found writing about games in every sense. Retro games are his life, spending more time with his GBA than his PS4. Drop by one of the social doodads for deep discussions about gaming!

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