Grab your broom, Cooking Witch is out on Steam!

Grab your broom, Cooking Witch is out on Steam!

There are some pretty bizarre games out there and Varagtp’s Cooking Witch may be one of those games. You are a witch. A hungry witch. Good thing someone’s throwing a party in a forest! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to fly around on your broom and crash the party for a little late-night snack!

In Cooking Witch, you try and catch as many tasty munchkins from the party as possible. There are obstacles and “angry wood folks” that get in your way.  You’re also able to upgrade your broom and cauldron, which assist you in snatching and preparing the would-be party-goers!

Check out the full trailer here:

If weird indie games are up your alley, Cooking Witch may be worth checking out! It’s available on Steam now!

Joey, also known as Gnomedic, is a paramedic, gamer, and geek extraordinaire! Currently, he attends Arizona State University in pursuit of a BS in Technical Communications and Media Analysis. When he's not being a real-life healer, he plays one in various games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and more!@gnomedic

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