Hollow Knight Gets Collector’s Edition from IndieBox

Contender for Game of the Year Goes Physical

Hollow Knight IndieBox Featured

One of the most critically acclaimed games to release so far this year was a beautiful Metroidvania game by Team Cherry. Hollow Knight captured the hearts of its players almost immediately as reviews came in waves with praise and fans posted tons of artwork to social media. It’s a game that is supposedly challenging, but incredibly endearing with its fluid animation, classic gameplay, and captivating story. IndieBox, the team that brings physical collector’s editions to PC games, is bringing Hollow Knight to their subscribers in a glorious Collector’s Edition for the month of June.

While we’re not sure what exactly is in store for the Hollow Knight Collector’s Edition, we do know what IndieBox always includes. Each IndieBox has a DRM-Free physical version of the game, with a Steam key printed outside of the box for those that like to keep their items sealed, but still want to play the game. We also know that the game’s soundtrack will be included, which was a subject of great praise in most of the reviews I’ve seen. It will be interesting to see what other collectible items decide to include in this awesome box. I would love to have a cute little figure of the hero!

I love seeing digital games getting physical editions. I covered IndieBox’s Jotun a while back, even talking with a few members of the team at PAX back in March. Video game preservation is incredibly important to me. My love of video game history knows no bounds and seeing the wave of digital-only titles saddens me, especially when they’re removed for whatever reason. We saw this happen with Alan Wake not too long ago, which was removed due to a music licencing issue. With more and more games being printed in some capacity, either through IndieBox, Merge Games, or Limited Run Games, we get to hang onto these artifacts much longer.

Physicality has always breathed more life into a piece of creative work, at least in my experience. Feeling the weight of a well-made book, owning the entire Star Wars collection, or putting that velvety Jimi Hendrix record on the spindle, adds to the value of the piece, more so it seems than just owning a file. Having a physical copy of Hollow Knight would likely add to its already immense worth to players.

Be sure to subscribe to IndieBox quick though to get the Hollow Knight Collector’s Edition. June 18th is the cutoff to claim a copy.

For more information about Hollow Knight, check out the official website.

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