Mages of Mystralia Launching on Steam Soon

Spell Crafting Adds Depth to Action Adventure

Mages of Mystralia Featured Steam

As a title that’s been winning tons of awards from various outlets (including our own as a nomination for Best Indie Game), there is a lot of excitement behind Mages of Mystralia. The first title released by Borealys Games, Mages of Mystralia has been making waves with its unique spell-crafting system and Zelda-like action. Coming to PC first, Mages of Mystralia is launching on May 18th for $24.99 that also includes a 10% discount for early adopters. Console players will be getting this anticipated game later on, with the release date being announced soon. 

Players will take control of Zia, a little girl who wields the power of magic. Only recently coming into her abilities, Zia must learn how to manipulate the elements to her advantage, protecting herself from the monsters of the world. As the game goes on, Zia will find special Runes that unlocks different types of spells, which she can mix to create unique powers. Using these spells, Zia will also solve puzzles, take down enemies, and save the Kingdom of Mystralia. This spell system is the main mechanic at work, as nothing is really structured, allowing the player to truly develop unique abilities.

“When we set out to create Mages of Mystralia, we wanted to instill the feeling of being a real mage. Mages are wise and creative. They rely on their wits not physical strength. It was important for us that players be able to use their wits and creativity to play the game the way they wanted to. Unlike other games that use magic as a game mechanic, Mages of Mystralia does not include any pre-rendered, hard coded spells for the player to choose from. The only spells in the game are the ones the players design themselves.” – Louis-Félix Cauchon, Borealys Games President

Aside from the interesting mechanics at play, the narrative and sound design has some excellent credentials from some of the most talented people in the industry. Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms universe, penned the story. The orchestral score was done by none other than Shota Nakama, who also did work for Final Fantasy XV and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3. With this sort of talent on the project, there’s a lot of hope for the full release. Even the world at large must have thought this, as the Kickstarter raised 936% of its goal.

Find Mages of Mystralia on Steam on May 18th. Once again, the PS4 and Xbox One versions will have more details later on. For more information on the game, check out the Steam store page.


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