Marvel Heroes Omega Open Beta Live on PS4

Xbox One Version Coming in June

Marvel Heroes Omega Key Art

The adsfThe Marvel Universe is ridiculously huge, spanning thousands of comics with thousands of characters. This variety creates an almost limitless playground for game development. Over the years, we’ve seen beat-em-ups, fighting games, and there was even plans for a first-person game at one point. Of course, the setup for Marvel Heroes Omega isn’t new; Marvel Heroes has already seen some success on PC in the past couple years, receiving a few major patches for its vibrant community. Now Marvel Heroes is coming to consoles, hitting the PS4 now in Open Beta, with an Xbox One version coming June, 20th.

“Everyone at Gazillion is excited that all PlayStation 4 owners can finally experience the Marvel Heroes Omegaopen beta, but don’t think for a minute that we’ve forgotten about the PC audience for Marvel Heroes 2016 and players also excited to play Marvel Heroes Omega on Xbox One. Gazillion is dedicated to delivering the best Marvel Heroes experience on all platforms and remains committed to continued support of the game with exciting new content and updates for all.” – David Von Dorman, CEO at Gazillion

I was a bit skeptical on how the game would translate to the console, but surprisingly it plays pretty well. One selects abilities with the face buttons with more being available by holding a trigger. Moving around the game world is pretty smooth and most of the menus are pretty easy to understand. Players of the PC version will already know how the game is gonna go, making a lot of the system explanation a bit redundant for those people. Quests lead to classic Marvel villains to take down and leveling up skills and equipment is holds that typical charm that many players wind up addicted to.

I did get to play the Beta of Marvel Heroes Omega a few days early to check out how it plays as compared to the PC game. As of now, I’ve only put in a few hours, mostly getting through the linear tutorial areas.

Marvel Heroes Omega Black Panther screen

I spent most of my time running about with an army of squirrels at my wake as Squirrel Girl, just for fun. I found her to be a pretty viable DPS character, as she would command the squirrels to attack enemy units. With my unstoppable hero, I breezed through all of the scenarios by myself, not finding much challenge during the early levels. I’ve seen higher level play on a friend’s stream though, and I can’t wait to get a group together to give it a try.

Of course there are already tons of characters to play as, even giving the option to try them out in an early area. Players can also rent or buy characters with various types of currency. I will admit the game’s economy is daunting, as there are about five different types, but with many resources out on Marvel Heroes, most of these will translate into Marvel Heroes Omega without much trouble.

Marvel Heroes Omega _Screenshot_013

At the end of the day, this brings the Marvel Heroes experience to the console in a way that seems pretty solid so far. I’ll have more thoughts collected as I spend more time with the game, but PS4 players can download it right away and join the fun of being a super hero. Progression will carry over from the Open Beta to the final version of the game, so get an early start! Also Founder’s Packs will be on sale until June 30th on the Playstation Store, offering fan-favorite character bundles. Marvel Heroes Omega Screenshot

For more information on Marvel Heroes Omega, check out the official website.


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