PAX to Sponsor International Event with ReedPop

PAX to Sponsor International Event with ReedPop

Penny Arcade, host to one of the internet’s largest gaming communities, and ReedPOP, the world’s leading producer of pop culture events, today announced a global expansion of PAX gaming events under a new Powered by PAX brand.

The powered by Pax brand hopes to help with gaming festivals internationally, with help from leading event organizer, ReedPop.

Just like games powered by 3D engines, the Powered by PAX brand will bring the culture, content, and community of PAX to new shows internationally”-Guy “Yug” Blomberg

The gaming industry in China is massive, which would make for a great starting point for Powered by PAX.  The Chinese gaming industry in China makes around 24.4 Billion, according to a report on

“Guangdong province boasts a strong games industry; the games industry revenue in Guangdong accounts for 73.4% of the national total, and 17.5% of the global total. -Ms. Lu Xiaokun, President of the Guangdong Entertainment & Game Industry Association.

China has had its backlashes in the past with the console band placed in 2000, due to the government, thinking that it would not garner any benefits to its people, also China is known for its heavy censorship on titles. Most FPS’s are either banned in the country or heavily censored, as not to show the country in any bad light.

It’s good to see PAX branching out and helping other countries industries and try to maintain a good working relationship with foreign publishers and developers.  It will make it easier for China to branch out and show their skills and talents to other parts of the world, along with their own country.

Pax is about entertainment, the one thing we can all count on for being an escape from the politics, work, and even having a bad day in general,  we will see if the event is successful, and hope that it will pave the way for countries around the world to show of their developers, and have a festival that celebrates gaming and its culture.

If you would like more information about Powered by PAX, you can visit the website here. GC PLAY Powered by PAX will take place at the Poly World Trade Center Expo November 10-12, 2017.

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