Prey Already Bested by Speedrunner

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Prey has just come out and the gaming world are steadily chipping away at this interesting horror-ish game from the masters that brought us Dishonored. Sure the creepy atmosphere is juxtaposed by the ability to hide as a damn tea cup, but many players are finding a lot to love in this focused, sci-fi romp. While speedrunners are notorious for beating games quickly, even shortly after release, this one seems a little absurd.

It only took forty-five minutes for runner DraQu. He had recently beat the game in about an hour, but has since brought that down to the current world record. Like many runs though, this will likely be beaten soon, either by DraQu or a challenger. This goes to show just how talented speedrunners are, picking apart the optimal path through the game almost by second-nature.

I’ve been a huge fan of speedrunning for many years, even doing a featured post on one of my favorite Twitch streamers a while back. I usually check in to the Awesome Games Done Quick charity streams and a lot of the streamers I have a tendency to tune into have dabbled in speedrunning at some point.

I’ll keep an eye out for more from this awesome player and I wish the best of luck for shaving that time down further. There are also some other interesting runs on the channel for Resident Evil 7 and Wolfenstein.

Speedrunning continues to show interesting things in our favorite games and many development teams can truly benefit from watching this type of play. Who knows, this particular Prey speedrun could inspire mechanics in the next game by Arkane Studios. I’d love to see someone beat the entire game as a coffee cup, at least once that power is available.

Until then, watch out for those mimics. Let us know what you think about Prey somewhere on social media or in the comments below.


The Runner within the past hour has beat the game in under 20 minutes, which you can see below.

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