Risk of Rain Limited Run Launches Tomorrow

Limited Run Risk of Rain Launch

Get them before they’re gone! Risk of Rain, one of my favorite rogue-like games ever, was announced a while back to be getting the Limited Run Games treatment and that day is fast approaching. Customers will be able to pick up physical editions of Risk of Rain on PSVita or PS4 tomorrow. A vinyl soundtrack will also be available for purchase, a fantastic collection of excellent tracks.

The 2D rogue-like was one of the first games I played after building my PC, which is now in sore need of an upgrade, but I’ve played some amazing games on it over the past five years or so. The game truly captures what it feels like to be exploring a hostile planet, making them feel small in stature by having them battle massive enemies. Power-ups are slowly gathered to gain strength and there is a mechanic built in that requires balancing time spent in each level. There are also tons of cool characters, each with their own cool skills and playstyles to mess with. Not only that, but there is co-op, which was my favorite way to spend an afternoon with friends.

Note that Limited Run Games only makes so many copies of each game, meaning once they’re gone, they’re gone. While a few have a problem with this business model, I’ve always enjoyed just how often Limited Run puts out releases. They have been involved with keeping the love for the Vita, at least in part, alive and well in various communities. I even talked to Doug at PAX East and found him to be down to Earth, humble, and just an overall cool dude to talk to. The rest of the team were super friendly and all of them were passionate about what they do. Having such a limited production helps them convince companies to sign on and to make it easier to negotiate with manufacturers.

These games do have a tendency to sell out quickly though, so act quick.

There is also a sequel for Risk of Rain in development, which I discussed in a previous post. Personally, I’m pretty excited to see how the game translates into the 3D space. I’ve been meaning to pick up the digital version of Risk of Rain on Vita for a while and this release just might push me to pick up a copy.

Risk of Rain on PS4/PSVita will be available on Friday May 26th, 2017 at 10AM Eastern Time. A second batch will be available later in the day at 6PM Eastern Time.

Visit the Limited Run Games website tomorrow to score an excellent indie title.

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