Thumper Release Date Announced For Switch

The Switch is about to get thumped

Thumper Release Date Announced For Switch

Drool’s ‘smash’ hit Thumper released the indomitable Krakhed into the world at the end of last year. While it has been a blast on the standard home console, I have always felt that it would be a good game to take with you, and rock out with on the go. While it is no major surprise since it has already been announced, Thumper is coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, today the release date has been confirmed, and it’s sooner than we thought.

Thumper will be coming to a Switch near you on May 18th, 2017. That’s only a short couple of weeks away! With it being a new edition, there are a couple of features that Drool wanted to make sure we all knew. This version will have full HD rumble utilization. While there has been rumble previously, no rumble is like the Switch rumble. You will be able to feel the rhythm, violence, and the rhythm violence. On top of this, the resolutions have been announced as well. Thumper will be running 720p and 60 fps as a handheld, and 1080p and 60fps in TV mode. So extra rumbles, and extra smoothness are in store. I can get behind this.

We have new features and a final release date announced today. While Thumper is not new, (it was originally released last October) the new features breathe even more life into a game that is as unique as they come. Feel free to check out our PAX East Preview as well as our Review from last year to pass the time. This is a game that I would recommend to any person who enjoys rhythm games as well as difficult games all around. Get ready to get thumped.

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