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Hey, Zelda fans, The Wall Street Journal has some good news for you. In a new report, it appears that Nintendo will be bringing The Legend of Zelda to mobile platforms. While no date was given, the report states it will be next in the lineup after the Animal Crossing app that is supposedly releasing sometime later in 2017. As with Nintendo’s other mobile titles, DeNA will work with Nintendo to bring this franchise to a new audience.

The Legend of Zelda mobile entry will be the fifth title released under Nintendo’s new mobile initiative. It all started with Miitomo, then Super Mario Run, and most recently Fire Emblem Heroes. While Miitomo and Super Mario Run were downloaded a ton, the return on investment was not what Nintendo was hoping for. For Super Mario Run, according to Eurogamer, they racked in over 78 million downloads, but only around 4 million went on to pay the full $9.99 price tag. Fire Emblem Heroes has been performing better, most likely due to its free-to-play model.

Also included in this report was a mention that The Pokemon Company was working on a Pokemon “Card-game App”, though no further details were given. One could assume this would follow a similar setup to the PC version of the digital card game, which does see some use since there are codes for packs in Pokemon TCG packs.

All this has now begun a very interesting question and debate. What would you like to see The Legend of Zelda mobile game become? Would you like a port of the original? A new story? The options are plentiful and it will be exciting to see where, when, and how we return to Hyrule when this title is finally released.

For all things related to Nintendo, especially with E3 just around the corner, stay tuned into Marooners’ Rock.

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