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Archangel – Giant Mech Action in VR

Archangel Featured Image

It looks like VR might finally be finding its feet. Bethesda have committed to the platform by putting DOOM, Fallout 4, and even Skyrim into the virtual reality space. However, it’s not just game company giants looking to experiment with these new toys. Skydance Interactive is looking to put their players into the cockpit of a giant mech in their new game Archangel.

Archangel will have players blasting foes, defending themselves with shields and more in a post-apocalyptic America. Judging from the trailer, this is just the thing I think of when it comes to the possibilities of VR. Sure, working at a job and throwing things across the room is fun, but I want to pilot a giant robot.

Lucky for VR owners, Archangel is coming out in July with PlayStation VR players getting the game two weeks early. The whole presentation reminds me a bit of Pacific Rim, which is one of my favorite films of the past few years. The game is being marketed as a story-driven shooter, so we’ll see just how the game plays soon.

Personally, I still can’t commit to picking up a VR unit. If I were, I would probably go for the PSVR, just for convenience. With all of these games being announced though, more and more players might start gravitating to the platform. Games like Archangel will help provide more variety for early adopters and something extra to pick up for those grabbing a headset later on.

Archangel‘s six story mech looks like a blast to pilot and I would love to give a try sometime in the future. Now, if only we could get a Neon Genesis Evangelion game on VR. That would be something.

For more information on Archangel, check out the official website and the game’s social media pages. Once again, PSVR players will get the game two weeks early with a release happening sometime in July.

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