Death Squared Releases July 13th on Nintendo Switch

Death Squared Releases July 13th on Nintendo Switch

Get the robots ready! Death Squared is coming to the Nintendo Switch, July 13th! Get ready for a fun game that you can play solo or with friends in your very own home. While some of our staff have played the game, this is one title you’ll want to check out.

Death Squared is a co-op puzzle game; where players will need to navigate their cubed companions through a dangerous science facility, and in order to escape, players must communicate and work together to survive. Each robot must make it to their respective color-coded waypoint, navigating past deadly devices like spikes, lasers, and other nefarious traps. While one false move can spell death for the entire team, as every player must survive to progress, and every misstep comes with newfound knowledge and an instant respawn to put that information to use.

Death Squared will feature a campaign with 80 single-to-two-player story levels, 40 up-to-four-player party stages and unlockable vault content, Death Squared‘s Nintendo Switch release will feature new puzzles not seen on the PS4, PC, or X-Box One versions of the game.

Death Squared was created with groups in mind, so coming to the Switch made perfect sense. We look forward to friends and families being able to share the experience wherever and however they want when it comes out July 13″- Patrick Cook- SMG Studios.

Death Squared looks to be a fine addition to the switch family–it seems that Nintendo is really focused on multiplayer games for the switch, which is a good thing,  Multiplayer games have been hit or miss with Nintendo over the last ten years or so.  The Wii did have some online capabilities, but it wasn’t focused on Multiplayer, and the Wii U had some decent online games, but the Switch seems to be bringing the Multiplayer games in full force, does this mean, Nintendo will finally be able to compete with the likes of Sony and Microsoft on a multiplayer aspect?  It remains to be seen, but we can hope that Nintendo will finally invest the time and money into decent online titles.

DeathSquared releases on July 13th.


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