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Deconstructed Xbox One X is Captivating

Deconstructed Xbox One X is Captivating

At this year’s E3, Microsoft displayed diorama of a deconstructed Xbox One X, and boy does it look fantastic and edgy, but mostly, it remains captivating for those lucky enough to be at the Expo to see it first hand.

A deconstruction is an art form where you break down an object into all of its basic pieces.  It show’s the interworking of an object, product, or food.  The results are varying and interesting and give a sense of wonder to whatever has been broken down.  In a way, it captivates our wonder, allowing us to guess, and see what goes where and how it works as one solitary unit.

Credit: Marooners’ Rock Writer Matt Kowalski

Whether you’re a nerd, Engineer, or basic human being there is always something fascinating about seeing the insides of an item, or how a product is made.  The prospect of how something is made pokes at our inner inventor, an idea man, and anyone who likes to see how something works on the most basic level.

Credit: Marooners’ Rock Writer Matt Kowalski


As gamers, we are always readily obsessed with the current hardware that’s coming out.  Most gamers build their own PC’s, make their own mods, and take apart consoles to add more memory.  We like to tinker with things, it predates to a time where we had to make our own tools for survival, and make our lives easier by finding more convenient ways to live. So, it’s pretty amazing to see a consoled displayed–layered like an onion.


Credit: Marooners’ Rock Writer Matt Kowalski

The deconstructed Xbox One X is a work of art.  The outside is smooth as well as everything inside.  Microsoft really wanted to create of work art with the One X.  Now that we’ve seen the outside and the inside, we just have to wait until November to see how all of this beauty works together to create something that will engage our minds and thumbs. What do you think?

The Xbox One X will release on November 7th with a retail price of $499.99

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