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Destiny 2 Ships Early, Beta Dates, and Exclusive Content

Destiny 2 Ships Early, Beta Dates, and Exclusive Content

If you’re a fan of Destiny, you may need to re-schedule your vacation as Destiny 2 will be released early.

During Activision‘s presentation at E3, the company announced that the ship date for Destiny 2 will be on September 6th instead of the original date of October 24th.  The early release was shown during the Darkest Hour Trailer.

“Everyone always says that they can’t wait for fans to get their hands on their game. But we really mean it. Destiny 2 looks so awesome, I’m thrilled to announce that we are moving the release date up to September 6.”-Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision

It’s rare that a developer moves up a release date.  In fact, most developers are ready to push a game back instead of releasing it more than a month early.  However, PC fans will still have to wait until October 24th to get their hands on the game.  Bungie and Activision are stating they are hard at work optimizing the game to get ready for the October launch.

“We are also hard at work with our friends at Bungie optimizing Destiny 2 for the PC, which we will be releasing in all its glory on October 24th.”-Eric Hirshberg

Bungie also revealed the closed and open beta dates for Destiny 2.  The early access beta begins on July 18th, for those who pre-ordered the game fo PS4. And July 19th for those who pre-ordered for the Xbox One, and of course for those who didn’t pre-order, a regular beta will open for both consoles on July 21st.  The Beta will close on the 23rd of July.

Bungie and Activision also announced: Playstation exclusive content, which includes a competitive multiplayer map, a three-player cooperative Strike, a blue and white colored ship, specialized gear sets, and an exclusive exotic weapon.

This is some exciting news for Destiny fans. Bungie and Activision seemed to go all out, let’s hope when Destiny 2 launches it will captivate fans of the franchise and become a worthy sequel.

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