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Disney Supposedly had Artists make Capcom Roster Ugly

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Character Art Not by Choice

Disney made Capcom characters ugly in MVC infinite

There has been a few complaints flying around the internet about the weird looking character models in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite, a sequel to a game with extremely stylish presentation. Originally, I was under the impression these characters would look better in motion. However, a recent post from a supposed ex-employee of Capcom says otherwise on Reddit. Now, before I dive any more into this subject, all of this information has to be taken with a grain of salt. We don’t know if any of this is actually true, but it very well could be and even the slight chance that it is true causes some discomfort with Disney.

According to this Reddit claim, Capcom artists were told to make Marvel characters more appealing than the Capcom cast, with the exception of the Mega Man series. This was supposedly done not only for the character models in the game, but also in any promotional material.

“Its a combination of multiple things but there are two main points: We were told to make the Capcom side look unappealing and the release schedule had us really strapped for time.” – mvci_roger

Even Roger made a point to mention that this may not be 100% accurate, as he was supposedly in marketing, but worked right next to the graphic artists working on promotional materials. Once again, even if this is partially correct, this could be a big mark against anything game related Disney has a hand in. While Marvel VS Capcom Infinite has recieved plenty of criticism in its character design, imagine if these same business practices are applied to Kingdom Hearts 3!

Disney MVC Infinite comparisons

I cannot stress enough that this story could be false; things like this are shared on the internet pretty frequently. We shall see if Disney, Marvel, or Capcom have anything to say about this story. I’ll update this post if they make any comments. For their sake, I hope this isn’t true. . .

On the other hand if this is fake, it makes for an interesting point of discussion. How do companies that collaborate treat their intellectual properties? What’s some of the best and worst cross-overs you guys have seen? I’ll be keeping an eye on the comments below and on our Facebook page, so let’s strike it up.

On a lighter note, a story demo is available now for Marvel VS Capcom Infinite on PS4.

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  • Shogun1x

    I doubt Disney is this stupid. Sabotaging Capcom’s roster would drag down the whole game, and if they get caught, Disney would have a serious pr crisis. I don’t think they’d risk it.

  • John

    jews dont want there #sjw agenda pushers playing second fiddle to superior japanese characters.

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